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“You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart”
John Ford.

On April 2nd, eight students from ninth to tenth grade, took part of the EF Challenge semifinals. This event, which was held at our school, had the purpose to select the three best speeches which will be presented, in video, to the EF Challenge committee who will choose the best one. Thus, the winner will represent our school in the EF Challenge National Competition on May 18th. This year, the discourse topic is “What are your hopes for the future in our society?”

It was a very pleasant moment where the following students shared their best words:

  • 9A Maria Fernanda Bernal
  • 9A Valeria Carrascal
  • 9B Juan Pablo Ortiz
  • 9C Alejandra Cuellar
  • 9C Isabela Martinez
  • 10A Luisa Cabana
  • 10A Luis Javier Carrascal
  • 10B Sergio Barcia

We are proud to announce our three challengers:

  • 3rd Place: Luisa Cabana
  • 2nd place: Sergio Barcia
  • 1st place: Ma. Fernanda Bernal
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