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EF Challenge

Bilingualism is one of our main goals in our school program, not only inside the classroom but also through different activities which drive our students to strengthen their communicative skills. Few months ago, we started a process to participate in the EF Challenge: a speech competition lead by EF (Education First) where students from the whole country are inspired to have a creative and persuasive discourse based, this time, on the question “What does a sustainable development mean to you?”

To find ours, we had an EF Challenge high school students call (at least 14 years old) getting 157 students who applied to get a room in the local finals. After this process, 13 students were chosen as the best school orators (1 or 2 per course). Finally, Isabella Martinez (8th grade), Valentina Romero (10th grade) and Santiago Cristancho (11th grade) were elected, by a jury panel (one of them an EF member), as the ones who would apply to the National event. Each one of our three finalists filmed a video with his/her speech and uploaded them in youtube.

Finally, an official EF jury selected Isabella Martinez as our delegate for the National challenge which was held on April 28th at Santa María School in Bogotá. Isabella did a great job evidenced in all the compliments received from the other participants and some others bilingual school teachers. She is now more experienced as a spokesperson. It was our first EF Challenge and the school had an outstanding performance. We are so proud of Isabella and all the students who were in this process. Congratulations!

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