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“Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life” Janine di Giovanni On April 12th, preschoolers had their “EASTER BUNNY ADVENTURE SCHOOL” a day to celebrate Easter. The day started with students making their own bunny ears and having their face painted to disguise as one of the traditional pets of this celebration. Then, in the auditorium, a special guest visited us from England, Aislinn Riding, a YMCA cultural agent, who shared time with our children and told them an Easter story, about a magician who made a chicken to lay colorful eggs and then turned it into a rabbit, the one that hides the eggs for us in Easter time. Then students decorated their own eggs and participated in an egg hunting. Students had an amazing time learning about Easter traditions and using the second language throughout all these engaging activities. This celebration opens our month of English language challenges.

Jenny Melo – Directora Preescolar.
Alejandra Delgado – Directora del área de lenguas extranjeras.

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