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Rochester’s 60 anniversary

Today, September 17 2018, Rochester’s school celebrates its 60 anniversary since its creation, for this, the school invited Colombo Wales School, to which, students Daniel Herrera, Santiago Jaramillo, Juan Pablo Ortiz, and, Teachers Nidia Gallego, Sonia Garnica, Claudia Aguilar.

To celebrate, they invited NASA to make a conference regarding space missions, and for this they invited the retired test pilot Jon McBride, he talked about his training, experiences and participation in the Space Shuttle Program, he also talked about the KSC (Kennedy Space Center)

After the conference students were allowed to ask the astronaut some questions and Daniel Herrera asked him the following question “What thoughts went through your mind while you were in the rocket and the countdown started?” to which Jon McBride answered “In that moment, the only thing that went through my mind was, I’m ready, I’m ready for everything that could go wrong, since I trained countless simulations of the flight in which there was always an issue to address, a lot of red lights and yellow lights, but in the real flight, it went better than expect, we only had one issue in one of the jets that was solved with no problem, and everything went ok”

They also offered a camp to the Kennedy space program in which you can go through simulations and pretty interesting activities during a week.

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