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Spelling Bee

Last Wednesday, April 25th, the whole community from first to ninth grade, participated in our Colombo Gales Spelling Bee. We’ve been doing this meaningful event for six years, encouraging students to improve their written production, self-control, and stage fright. As a very special fact, our eleventh graders were also part of our jury panel and logistics. Once again, the whole school community had a great academic time. The following are our winners who will start a very demanding practice to the Spelling Bee Golden which will be held on June 8th, 2018:

  • First grade: Juan Sebastián Cifuentes Alarcón 1B
  • Second grade: Juan Pablo Carvajal Morales 2B
  • Third grade: Valentina Espitia Rodríguez 3B
  • Fourth grade: Mariana Melo Fuentes 4D
  • Fifth grade: Gabriela Galindo 5C
  • Sixth grade: Juan Manuel Durán 6A
  • Seventh grade: María Camila Rodríguez 7A
  • Eighth grade: María Celeste Ramírez 8A
  • Ninth grade: Mariana Díaz 9ª


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